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He had been so close... So close to almost make her breathless... Lifeless...
The thought got to her mind as she tried to rise herself from the stony ground inside the cave.
Blood was all around her on the surface she had been lying on.
He had almost killed her!

Resting her weight at her front-paws, she tried to stand up with her hind-legs.

Why would he do that?

She gasped as she fell down to the ground again, the hard and cold stone floor almost knocking the breath out of her chest.

He had said he would protect her, instead he had been knocking her to the walls of the cave, biting her, throwing her around.
He said that he loved her, but his way to show that seemed like it was to wound her badly...

But if she didn't have him she would have no one that's why she stayed.
He had been assaulted her in the start of the night, and left.
She had been falling asleep, too weak to stand up, to weak to howl for help to weak to do anything.

She knew that he doesn't love her and he knew that she was to afraid of him to do anything about it. Not telling anyone what she had been going through.

She tried to stand up again. Watching her normally blue paws that now was colored red of her own blood as she stood up. This time not failing.
Shaky on her legs she glanced around the cave, walls covered with blood.
My blood...

She hadn't remembered anything about it, the only thing she could remember was how he forced her to go into the cave, trapping her against the stone wall. Whispering her name that still echoed in her head.
Malaya  Malaya  Malaya  Malaya
Remembering those red devil eyes of his. Remembering those sharp teeth.
Remembering the black fur, remembering his name. Fire
It kinda sucks, I know. xD I just wanted to try my writer skills. >:3

Characters used:
Malaya and Fire

I do own them both.

So, why don't just Malaya leave Fire?
-Because if she would he would kill her and if she would she would be alone in the world and she wouldn't survive that.

Btw, I have no idea what category I should post it in. I hope this one will do. xDD

And the Title is bad too. I know. :3
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April 28, 2012
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